The internet and social media is a goldmine of customers, if you are not taking advantage of them… your competitors will.

How to Grow Your Business Online

There are essentially four things that you need in order to grow your business online. A website, good search engine rankings, social media presence, and, “above-par” customer service.

Each is equally important but let me give a little emphasis on customer service because once your business has gained momentum online, inquiries will literally come in droves. Emails, PMs, Tweets, phone calls, you will get a lot of them. How to convert those inquiries into sales will depend on how you handle them.

As far as your website and social media presence is concerned, they go hand in hand in warming up your customers or website visitors or fans, followers, etc… and eventually converting them into paying customers.

One of the effective strategies we utilize online is content marketing. It is very powerful that even giants like Nike, IBM, and BMW are into it and have successfully launched campaigns that made consumers more informed, and, ultimately, made them loyal customers.

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