Hey there! Thanks for your interest in knowing more about me. By the way, that’s me and my wife, Roselle. She also quit her job in 2015 and started working from home.

I’ve been doing home based jobs and business since 2010. I started out as an article writer at Odesk, now Upwork, then worked on improving and adding skills so I can do more tasks, get more clients, and earn more money.

It is a great experience and I was able to land really good jobs and work with awesome clients.

The only downside with freelancing is that your time is very limited. If you’re at that point where you want to earn more money, the only obvious thing to do is to work more hours so you can earn more.

Of course, you can increase your hourly rate but once you’re one of the “expensive” freelancers, landing a job becomes harder and harder. Competition is stiff. That’s the way it is in the freelancing world. So take care of your clients because they will provide referrals for sure.

Aside from freelancing, I also found a goldmine in home business opportunities. There has never been a better time to start a home based business than now. You can reach targeted customers via Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc… and show them what you have to offer without spending a fortune on advertising.

Finally, a level playing field where we, the aspiring entrepreneurs, can compete with the big guys.

And you know what? Beating them is actually pretty easy. Why? Because big business, especially here in the Philippines, have really bad customer service. So, if you can offer a great product coupled with exceptional customer service, half the battle is won.

Are you looking to start a home based business but do not know what products to sell? I may be able to help you.

For as low as P28,000 you can take part in a business with a hungry market (those that have their wallets in their hands and are ready to buy), fully scalable (we show you a strategy on how to grow your income year after year without doubling your efforts) and, with products that people literally look for especially here in the Philippines.

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