How to Use Facebook Page Insights for Better Facebook Marketing

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Facebook Page Insights

At a glance there are 2 obvious statistics that Facebook page insights provides; The number of “likes” your page has and, The number of Facebook users your posts has reached. But with a little digging, insights will tell you a lot more about your audience and you can use this data for a more targeted approach whenever you post something … Read More

Where to Get Boat Loads of Ideas for Content Marketing

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Content Ideas for Content Marketing

Content is your best friend when it comes to content marketing but it can also be your biggest problem. In order to be successful, your content needs to be fresh, timely, engaging, appealing (eye candy of some sort), and uses mixed media like pictures, videos, etc… In short, a boring 400-word or even a gazillion word article doesn’t cut it … Read More

Identifying Your Customers is The First Step Towards Successful Content Marketing

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content marketing identifying customers

  Knowing who you’ll be creating content for is an important part of the process. Why? Because if you know them you will be able to; tailor your content to fit their needs. connect with them emotionally and earn their trust. brand yourself as an expert because you are delivering exactly what they need. create a following that will read … Read More

SEO Site Audit – Crawl Analysis for the Faint of Heart

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I remember the first time I heard “Go ahead and see how search engine spiders view the site”. What?! There are spiders online? I’d rather swat them than have em mess with my SEO! But seriously, crawl analysis is one of the important, if not the most important factor when doing an seo site audit. And it’s one thing many … Read More