I take that back. Content marketing is the present and the future of online and local businesses. Even giants like Nike, IBM, and BMW are into content marketing and have successfully launched campaigns that made consumers more intelligent, and, ultimately, made them loyal customers.

What is Content Marketing?

For brands and local businesses, content marketing is the creation and distribution of content with the aim of educating, engaging, and acquiring loyal customers in the process.

Why is this more effective than traditional advertising?

It builds trust – Consumers have become more intelligent in choosing products to buy. In a research conducted by AMP Agency on consumer behavior in 2011, it showed that;

94% of consumers said that research positively influenced their decision to make a purchase, and 36% said they bought a product because of the research they found.

It fosters loyalty – In the same research, it showed that 97% of consumers are willing to consider other brands. That makes it more and more important to communicate with your customers and to make sure that your brand is visible whenever they do research.

It beats ad blockers – Consumers have had enough of ads. They install ad blockers in their browsers making banners and other online ads a thing of the past.

Business owners who realize this trend knows that traditional advertising and even online banner advertising is becoming less effective. A potential customer may take note of a billboard ad while driving or may click on a banner ad online but that is just the start of the buying process. They will look for reviews, watch videos, ask on social sites, and actually spend hours doing research and listing down potentials before spending money.

Getting started with content marketing

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