Effective SEO Techniques For Local Businesses

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A lot of local business owners have set up websites for their businesses with the intention of attracting more customers and increasing their income minus the huge costs of conventional advertising. However, since many of them have minimal to zero knowledge of SEO achieving their objective poses a challenge.

So I decided to share a few SEO techniques that can propel your website to the top of local searches.

Make your site search engine friendly – This is where it all begins. You will have a hard time ranking your site well if it is not search engine friendly. Here are some of the things that make a SE friendly site:

  • Head tags – This includes the title tag,  description, and keywords. True, search engines don’t give weight to these anymore but they still tell what your site is about.  Plus, websites that appear on top of searches almost always have the searched term in the title. I tried Googling “Dog Training” and this is what showed up. Top 3 with the term dog training in the title and description.

  • H1 tags – This is probably the easiest of the SEO techniques that you can apply. H1 tags are used for article and page titles. Search engines give more weight to them so make sure that your titles include your target keywords. You can also sprinkle some H2 and H3 tags in your articles when appropriate.
  • Content and keyword density – Content is still king. Especially now that Google announced their new web indexing system called Google Caffeine. The amount of content, freshness, and activity all come into play when determining which site goes on top of searches and which ones go to the bottom. As far as keyword density is concerned, it is debatable as to how many keywords an article or a page must have but I like to play around 3 to 5% depending on the length of the article. Just make sure that the keywords blend well in the article and that they appear within the first 50 words and in the last paragraph or sentence. And please, make your articles readable.

Submit to Local Directories -This process has become very important since Google started showing local businesses on top of search results.

Google Maps

Not to mention that many of them rank really well on local searches like superpages.com and yellowpages.com. And some of them will even add your business in GPS directories giving you another avenue to acquire customers without added cost.

I compiled a list of local directories to submit to and you can choose to manually submit your business information to each of them or you can submit through Universal Business Listing. Personally, I prefer UBL since they do all of the submissions for you. No I’m not lazy… I use the free time to do other things.

Create and publish informative videos – Videos are huge right now. With proper keyword targeting and proper titles, videos can show up on the first page or even at the top of the first page without you even optimizing them.

And think of this,  you actually hit two birds with one stone whenever you publish videos. One being the search engines since videos rank well, and the other, the video sites’ community. Youtube.com alone has millions and millions of users and they can either turn out to be your customers or willing promoters. They do share videos you know.

When creating videos, make sure that the quality is good and you’re content is helpful. And if you are filming yourself, be enthusiastic and genuinely interested in sharing information. Don’t sound monotonous with your eyes obviously going through a script.

Just like local directory submissions, you can manually submit your videos to video sharing sites. I also compiled a list of video sharing sites to submit to or use the likes of Traffic Geyser to automatically submit videos to over 35 video sharing sites.

Get Social – Due to the good reputation and extremely high pr of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, socializing has become a staple SEO technique and having links in them is essential. Add to that, the ability to be able to brand yourself as an expert on your niche and gain warm followers. It is pretty obvious though if you’re just there to build links or otherwise spam the site and sell your product. No blatant promotions please.

Build links – Local SEO or not, link building is still the most important of all SEO techniques. Sure you are able to build links as you submit your site to directories, as you submit videos, and as you socialize but they won’t be enough to guarantee permanent top search engine placement.

SEO is not that hard and these SEO techniques are pretty much what you need to own the first page of search engines. It just needs strategy, dedication, and hard work which most people don’t have. That is where we SEO specialists come in. We formulate a strategy and implement them until the websites we are optimizing are on top of search engines.

Resources mentioned:

Universal Business listings – Automatically submits your business information to Online Yellow Pages, Search Engine Local Business Listings, 411 Directory Services, Vertical Search Engines and Industry Directories, and GPS Navigation and Mobile Devices

Traffic Geyser – Automatically submits your videos to video sharing sites, creates podcasts out of the videos, submits the videos to blogs and social bookmarking sites.

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3 Comments on “Effective SEO Techniques For Local Businesses”

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  2. In SEO there is a big part of Social Media Optimization, it creates the brand identity for a site and it’s easily reach to the people. So, I think social media is very effective technique for SEO.

  3. I could not agree more Janet. Social media is indeed great for SEO both local and global. So it is important to build social media presence as you do SEO.

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