How to Use Facebook Page Insights for Better Facebook Marketing

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Facebook Page Insights

At a glance there are 2 obvious statistics that Facebook page insights provides;

  • The number of “likes” your page has and,
  • The number of Facebook users your posts has reached.

Facebook Page Insights

But with a little digging, insights will tell you a lot more about your audience and you can use this data for a more targeted approach whenever you post something on your page, and, ultimately, when you start running Facebook ads.

new page insights

Let’s go ahead and click on “Check out the new page insights”

The overview will give you a quick snapshot of how your page is doing in terms of acquiring likes, post reach, and engagement. An increase in stats will be marked green while a decrease will be marked red.

Facbeook Page Insights Overview

Let’s go ahead and click on “Posts” and see how fans are getting engaged. The data will tell you what type of post is getting more likes, clicks, comments, and shares.

Facebook Posts Engagement

Depending on what type of business you’re in, fans may react differently. In case of Roselle’s Custom Jewelry where they are selling rings, it is understandable that pictures get more attention. Now let’s take a look at the “Best Post Types” to see a more concise graph.

Best Post Types

Of course posting a good mix of data is important to make your page more relevant and to attract both the visual and the “reading” audience. Plus, fans will start “unliking” your page if all you do is promote your products and nothing else.

But at least we know that for this particular page pictures are more effective in reaching and engaging audience.

Knowing when your Facebook fans are online

Since the dawn of tablets and mobile, it’s safe to say that people are almost always online but it’s good to know when your posts reach most of your fans.

The data below shows that most of the fans of Roselle’s Custom Jewelry are online everyday (I don’t know what happened with Monday) and “reach” peaks at 2pm until about midnight so those are the best times to post since you know many people will be able to see it.

When Facebook Fans are Online

Knowing the demographics of your Facebook fans

Knowing who your audience are is a very important factor in content marketing. It enables you to customize your material and serve them exactly what they want. Facebook Page Insights provides great data about the demographics of your audience and you can use the information when posting and running ads.

Facebook Fans Demographics

Geography and Language FBThe data above shows that most of the fans of Roselle’s Custom Jewelry are aged 25 – 44, more women than men, and living in the Philippines. The right type of audience the business wants to target so these are great stats.

Based on the data gathered, if we are to run an ad we now know that;

  • Pictures get more attention.
  • Fans are more active at 2pm til midnight.
  • Age group is 25 to 44.
  • 74% of the fans are women

Data may change over time as ads are run and new fans are acquired but the above is a great benchmark and allows you to run targeted campaigns.

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