Identifying Your Customers is The First Step Towards Successful Content Marketing

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Knowing who you’ll be creating content for is an important part of the process.

Why? Because if you know them you will be able to;

  • tailor your content to fit their needs.
  • connect with them emotionally and earn their trust.
  • brand yourself as an expert because you are delivering exactly what they need.
  • create a following that will read every email you send and promote your company for free.

This happens everyday and it happens to you without you even knowing it.

When was the last time you recommended a product or service to friend? When was the last time you recommended something to a friend through Facebook or Google +? Chances are, you just did now or within the last few days.

And that one recommendation could reach thousands through likes and shares. Imagine if that happens to your business.

How exactly do you identify your customers for content marketing?

You can do this through surveys, customer interaction, market research, focus groups, forums, and other ways that enable you to connect with your customers and know them well.

So well that you are able to create a picture of them and identify their;

  • Demographic
  • State of Mind
  • Concerns/Fears
  • Needs
  • Questions
  • Wants

Here is an example of a profile sent to me by a divorce attorney. It can still be broken down into gender, age brackets, social status, etc… and you can create content targeting each of the buyer group. But the sample below gives you a good idea on what technique you can use on your content marketing strategy. The picture will also help you envision talking to the person face to face.

customer profile for content marketing

How will you address your customer if he or she is emotional and confused, fears losing a child, and is lost in the all the divorce process? How will you explain things? Would you use materials like videos? Presentations? Case Studies?

A simple buyer profile can give you loads of ideas to use in content marketing and it is a powerful tool that enables you to reach out to potential customers and them reach out to you.

Tools you can use to interact and identify your customers

  • YOU or Your receptionist. When customer come in, spend some time and talk with them and note down important information you discover.
  • A Facebook Fan Page
  • A Google + page
  • Follow up emails
  • Surveys
  • Free Webinars

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