The Optimism in Search Engine Optimization

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As local SEO specialists it is our job to remain optimistic, enthusiastic, and positive even when clients are the other way around. It is very easy to start looking for results even at the first day of our SEO campaign, and get frustrated when we see that nothing seems to be happening.

What all of us need to understand is that search engine optimization, local or not, is a lot like planting crops. You patiently plant the seeds (website/s), make sure that they grow healthy (on-page/0ff-page SEO) and free from diseases (Blackhat SEO), and you reap the rewards afterwards (sales, subscribers, readers, MONEY).

The key word in search engine optimization is “optimization” which could mean “to make optimal”, most likely the correct definition as far as SEO is concerned, but it could also mean “to have a sunny disposition” which is a very important quality a local SEO specialist must have.

If you want your website on top of search results, imagine it there. If you want lots of traffic, see your site having lots of traffic; make it ready to handle the load. Because if you don’t, what would you do when your efforts finally bear fruit and visitors crash your server?

That is the kind of optimism that we, local SEO specialists, need to rub off to some of our clients. Most clients are eager but not optimistic. Set the right expectations, have them involved in the process, educate them, and they will be more like partners than clients.

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One Comment on “The Optimism in Search Engine Optimization”

  1. I agree. Working with optimism is definitely a key to a successful SEO campaign. What’s important is that you set expectations, but you are prepared if anything goes wrong. Sometimes, a panic attack can do damage more than help you achieve your campaign goals.

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