Where to Get Citations for Your Local Search Marketing Campaign

Citations are important for local search marketing. Google scours the web for these citations in order to decide which local websites to show on top, on Google 7-pack, and which ones to leave down the drain whenever a potential customer performs a search.

But not all citations are the same. You might think that just because your site has a thousand citations, it will rank better than those that have a hundred.

Not always the case…or is never the case. It’s the same as having backlinks where the credibility of the backlink giving site is given weight.

So a citation at a .gov site will obviously carry more weight than a citation at a .com site.

Anyway, that being said, here are some ways to get relevant citations for your local search marketing endeavor.

Submit to niche directories, local directories, and countrywide directories

Obvious, huh? This is the easiest way to get citations and there are lots of free directories to submit to. Find as many local and niche related directories as these carry more weight than the general ones.


There are forums for just about any niche. In fact, I am certain that you can find at least 10 forums about your tpoic. Join those forums, put a citation on your sig, find the most active posts, and contribute. Take note of the word “CONTRIBUTE”.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc…

Though some people say that social media sites does little, as far as trust is concerned, to local search marketing because of their vulnerability to spam, it is still worth putting a citation in them

Local blogs

Since you want your site to get found locally, it is important that you have citations on local blogs. So time to get your friendly side out and start building relationships with local bloggers. When you’ve earned their trust, you can freely and easily ask for a citation.

Those are 4 proven ways to get citations for your business and strenghten your local search marketing campaign. Just make sure that the citations are exactly the same (if possible) on each site.

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Jp Mendez

Content Marketing Manager at JAM Marketing
Jp Mendez creates and implements content marketing strategies for local businesses in order to improve their search engine and social media presence increasing their customer base in the process and strengthening their online reputation.
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